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Joju Premium Collagen (30 Tablets)

Dhs. 70.00


✅ 100% Safe and Effective!

✅ Guaranteed Authenticity

✅ Made in Thailand

✅ FDA, HALAL, and SGS Approved

✅ Contains Wellnex Collagen Peptides


1. Has 1,000mg of Collagen Dipeptide that actively whitens body skin and face

2. Collagen Wellnex Dipeptide technology is easily absorbed by the body, so the results will be more real and fast compared to other brands of collagen

3. Stimulates the body to produce more collagen

4. Rich of hyaluronic acid that increasesh skin hydration, so skin will retain its moisture and smoothness, and free from dry skin

5. Contains Amino Acid Proline, hydroxyproline, glycine etc., that will greatly stimulates the formation collagen

6. Reduce skin dullness from UV rays

7. Recover skin structure and texture by making it smoother and firmer

8. Strengthens hair and stimulates more active hair growth

9. Strengthens nails

10. Eradicates acne, and cure inflammation due to acne

11. Reduce and fade black spots, acne scars, wound scars, and uneven skin tone


1 tablet per day

2 tablets at most (for faster and visible results)

Note: drink on an empty stomach/before sleep for better absorption


WELLNEX Fish Collagen Dipeptide, L-Glutamine, L-Cysteine, L-Glycine, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, CERAVITE Rice Extract

Additional Facts:

1. 1 JOJU tablet contains a total of 100 mg of Premium Collagen Dipeptide (Wellnex Standard)

2. 1 JOJU tablet is equivalent to 5 ordinary brand of collagen capsules

❌ Not allowed for pregnant and lactating moms

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